Darvas Peter meets Kemény György

One never becomes younger, only always experienced. We already have many experience, and we have it enough of this planet! It would be a time look around in this world, in solar system, or wide way in the galaxy. With the development of the science, the sky researchers discover other and other objects. With it the dreams become truth. There is not only a solar system where with the same conditions a planet circles a star.

Observe also the newest news, and the newest pictures at a distance planets, and stars!



In August, 2011 of the Satelit Dawn Vesta and in February, 2015 comes quite near in the asteroid reaches the biggest asteroid (midget planet) of Ceres.

In July, 2015 reaches Pluto of the Satelit New Horizons, then fiegt further richtung Kuiper belt, in the complete Ungewissenheit. Till 2025 remains funktioniersfähig. Hopefully hits in this time still with many interesting objects!

The Rosetta lands in November, 2014 in a comet which circles together the sun with him.